The Great Ones sponsors a unique Global Mentoring Program for anyone and everyone that can benefit from it. If you cannot afford to pay for the program, read the following information on our globally offered scholarships.

The objective of The Great Ones Global Mentoring Program is to reach ALL people with the most appropriate mind empowerment and consciousness training available through The Great Ones’ Mentors, to help each individual to increase his or her individual prosperity so as to in turn pass the mentoring on to others.

This Mentoring Program is available to EVERYONE regardless of age, race, color, ethnic background, nationality, health conditions, handicaps, social status, educational background or position.

All Scholarships are offered on a pay-it-forward basis. What is offered to any individual is a gift from someone else and can be paid back by the recipient to at least three others by sharing this website and information with them. We encourage you to forward this site to everyone you know.

The Scholarship program provides support to those who claim hardship or handicap.

To apply for a scholarship, click here to open the application (word document format). After you’ve filled it out, please email the application to Ridgely Goldsborough at the email address below:


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