Welcome to Volume 4 of The Great Ones Online.

What can you learn from a financial wizard who won’t spend more than $15 on a hair cut (tip included) yet manages the financial empires of billionaires?

Plenty. There’s a reason why clients of enormous net worth take their business challenges to Steven Batoff.

And if you find yourself drawn to the term “passion” then this is a gentleman you want to pay full attention to.

Lesson upon lesson about the power of delayed gratification, how to begin building toward success at any age, that it’s never too late with a little soap and a scrub to clean up and make it happen—get a note pad ready.

You’ll need it.

Here is a free preview of the interview. Paid members, scroll down this page to access the full hour-long interview, video commentary by Ridgely, PDF materials, exercises and the full explanation of Edict VI – Thou Shall Cultivate Passion.

Free preview of Volume 4 – The Power of Passion:


Free sneak peek at this volume’s associated edict (from The Great Ones book):


There is no passion like that of a functionary for his function.
Georges Clemenceau

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