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When we hear the term “he’s all business”, most of us simply shrug that off as an expression that describes a workaholic or hard-nosed type.

Not so with Steve Fader. Not that he isn’t “all business”—he is—with a commitment that goes far, far beyond that comprehensible by even the most diligent of entrepreneurs. Though most of us will never likely make the sacrifice that Steve has made for his massive success, the lessons about what it takes to be successful abound with almost every word he says.

Everything is about efficiency, outworking the competition, paying the price and remaining single-mindedly focused on the target.

One quote from Steve that showcases his mindset:

“I fly my own jet to New York, then I take the subway across town—it’s faster.”

Enough said.

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Free preview of Volume 2 – Single Minded Purpose:


Free sneak peek at this volume’s associated edict (from The Great Ones book):


All happiness depends on courage and work. I have had many periods of wretchedness, but with energy and above all with illusions, I pulled through them all.
Honore de Balzac

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  1. Alfred Bellezza

    A wonderful man. Great data. I will now read the pdf and do the exercises.
    Thanx Ridgely! Best, Alfred

    P.S. Love your enthusiasm man. It’s contagious.

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