Welcome to Volume 3 of The Great Ones Online.

Once in a great while, we have the pleasure of encountering that special person that embraces a penchant for enormous success along with a delightful demeanor that seems to simply fit.

Eric Becker began his entrepreneurial career selling seeds to his neighborhood friends while his Dad played Santa Claus at the mall. To say that he parlayed those humble beginnings into an empire would be an understatement—yet understated describes this soft spoken, fun-loving tycoon—a person who finds comfort on his boat on the bay, a place to re-charge (before buying another company or two!)

The definition of “The Perfect Day” alone makes this course well worth watching over and over. If only all days could be like that.

Here is a free preview of the interview. Paid members, scroll down this page to access the full hour-long interview, video commentary by Ridgely, PDF materials, exercises and the full explanation of Edict IV – Thou Shall Embrace Patience and Temperance.

Free preview of Volume 3 – The Perfect Day:


Free sneak peek at this volume’s associated edict (from The Great Ones book):


Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Alfred Bellezza

    Eric seems to be a very “centered” man. Really has his act together. A great symbol of success and control. So far I see many common threads running through these 3 men that have been interviewed. These are the real factors of success. I’m owning and cultivating them. Thanks, Alfred

  2. Janice Pullen

    Ridgely, I enjoyed watching and listening to Eric Becker. Thank you.

    He espouses many principles I used while in the military, which brought a smile to my face. However, I was not as organized. Anyway, I am going to practice on getting better at the things I haven’t done well. I do now and have done a lot of things in the past; yet, it has been hard to put those things into neat bundles. However, Eric does it well! I see great benefits in the guidelines he set forth in “A Perfect Day”. Also, I like his concepts for curtailing wasteful spending.

    Thanks again for your mentorship–Janice

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