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From Pappy selling American flags to diplomats in the early part of the last century, to praying for snow days and the opportunity to dig out cars in Brooklyn in 60s, Aaron Young shows us the evolutionary track of a tycoon—the early influences, the pivotal moments, the mentors along the way—all of it. The lessons for anyone seeking a high level of success pile up with such velocity, layer upon layer, that only repeated viewings enable us to catch even a fraction of them.

This explosive interview reveals the mind set of a consummate business leader, a person driven to the pursuit of excellence in everything he does and provides us all with an inspiration to excel as well as the tools to do just that. A true masterpiece.

Here is a free preview of the interview. Paid members, scroll down this page to access the full hour-long interview, video commentary by Ridgely, PDF materials, exercises and the full explanation of Edict XI – Thou Shall Pay the Price.

Free preview of Volume 1 – The Pursuit of Excellence:


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Grudge no expense -
yield to no opposition -
forget fatigue – till,
by the strength of prayer and sacrifice,
the spirit of love shall have overcome.
Maria Weston Chapman

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  1. Nicole Stafford

    What a simple yet profound interveiw. Thank you so much. Aarons words of wisdom and your summation were an invaluable tool, that has added significantly to my life and business. So well done.

    Kind Regards


  2. martel esquivel

    Thanks for this interview is really inspiring. I like the idea of asking for the sale and not only that but also to earn the right to ask for the sale i just love thes words of wisdom from arron thanks a bunch.

  3. Alfred Bellezza

    Very happy that I purchased this subscription. This is a wonderful idea and service that you have come up with Ridgely… I’m very grateful, thank you.
    This first interview with Aaron was wonderful. You have given me the opportunity to meet a Great One and gain from his experience and intelligence. These interviews, analyses and exercises will greatly assist me in building my character. I will continually review and milk every drop I can from each interview. Building character and developing one’s inner world is the secret to success. Best, Alfred

  4. John Cunningham

    Very good

  5. I just loved Aaron’s interview. He is so genuine and authentic! Thank you for sharing… Suzi

  6. John Cunningham

    I truly gained so much more in this first lesson, especially after watching it through a second time. Your video points and enthusiasm have moved me to take massive action toward a goal to achieve a higher residual income through investment real estate.
    I made an offer on a property last Friday closed on it Monday.

  7. Love it! So true!

  8. Dear Ridgely,
    I hope I can call you this way. I found you first a couple of years ago when I signed up for the TNT Program, which I watch in all spare time I had and could not get enough of it. Specially your program there with the Millionaires. I fell in love with the program, the topics, the conversations, the people you interviewed and learned a lot. Since then it was always in my mind. I even have in my mind that I want to do this one day with successful sport people, classic instrument players who play for example at the Munich Philharmonie. I would love to do this to show kids how they can pursue whatever they put their mind up to. Specially in Germany where the kids do not get showed hope, willing, dreams anymore. I still live in Spain but it is definite on my goal list. I met you in person in Ireland at a Herbalife Event where you signed books. I bought all of your books and gave most of them away to friends and I hope they got as much out of it as I did. I missed the TNT program and was always hoping that one day I can get more of your Interviews with the Millionaires and how the Universe works, after a while, here you are again. Offering this incredible Videos to buy for my home. I would defintely do not have the cash right now, but because of your generousity with the price I just had to do this, to get faster and easier out of my situation back to abundance and wealth.
    Thank you so much, I loved the interview with Aaron Young and I am looking forward to watch the rest and even more looking forward to have them in my house. Thanks for your great work, keep going. I also love the Thrillionaires. Will put down my buckets soon.
    Have an awesome Holiday Season
    till soon
    good to have people like you in my life
    big hug and smiles :)
    Lea Frueh

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