The Great Ones Online

The Great Ones Online is a mentoring program like no other.

Imagine that you were a fly on the wall, eavesdropping on the conversations as Napoleon Hill interviewed Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Rockefeller and other titans of industry.

What could you have learned? What if you could do that now?

Well, you can—with The Great Ones Online Courses—interviews by author Ridgely Goldsborough with business giants, millionaires and billionaires, who share their secrets of prosperity and wealth accumulation.

The Great Ones Online

“Yes, I deserve to have my own copy of The Great Ones and The Great Ones Online with all the special bonuses” —Ridgely, tell me about it!

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Buy the Great Ones Online Package

Take a look at all the value that you get from the Great Ones Online Mentoring Course:

Mentoring with The Great Ones

The Great Ones Online

The Great Ones Online Mentoring Package

“Ridgely Goldsborough educates, enlightens and inspires.”

Learn from The Great Ones

Much like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, this is the gift that keeps on giving—AND IT’S ON VIDEO—that you can go back to again and again like a trusted friend, learning something new with each viewing.

Buy the Great Ones Online Package

“Ridgely Goldsborough has a gift for making us look at the way we learn and how we pass messages on to others.”

Take advantage of our 100% Risk Free Guarantee—order your copy today.

I look forward to our calls together and to a life time of mentoring and being mentored…


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