Ridgely Goldsborough

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Ridgely Goldsborough

www.Richeli.com (Spanish)

Books, Radio and Television:

  • Has written eight books in the last five years (The Great Ones, The Power of Belief, Skinny, Happy & Rich, Masters of Success, and a number of others).
  • Produces a monthly ezine titled A View From The Ridge in English and titled Revista Richeli in Spanish.
  • Television show host and creator of the acclaimed series Modest To Millions, a program that chronicles the principles of prosperity, success and wealth accumulation according to self-made multi-millionaires.
  • Original publisher of Domain Street Magazine, the first ever publication solely dedicated to internet marketing and the domain name industry.
  • Original publisher of Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine, the first ever four-color glossy publication for the direct sales industry. Distributed world-wide by Time-Warner.
  • Creator of dozens of audio programs in the field of personal growth and prosperity consciousness.


In business:

  • Started his first enterprise at the age of 16. In the past three decades, he has created 36 companies, with 400 employees in 35 countries.
  • Acts as a marketing consultant with start-ups and established large corporations, with a focus on internet based strategies and the use of video.
  • Continues to develop various businesses in a diverse array of industries, with a passion for personal growth, in English and Spanish.
  • His client list includes YPO, EO, the US Government, the majority of large companies in the Direct Sales Organization and dozens of corporations.
  • Currently acts as Managing Director for www.thethrillionaires.com, an online social network for adventurers with a strong focus on prosperity principles.


Ridgely attended the University of Virginia, undergraduate, and Whittier College School of Law for his graduate work and is a member of the Bar Association of California. In addition, he holds a Master Writers’ Certificate from UCLA. He lives in Florida with his wife Kathy and their four children.

“My life’s work,” says Goldsborough, “is to expose men and women to excellence through personal development and a commitment to continuous growth in all areas, mental, spiritual and physical. I share new possibilities and use stories to suggest that different choices might lead to different results—in all aspects of life. There are formulas for success that actually work. My job is to spread those formulas, through both the written and spoken word.”


  1. Marie Toole

    Dear Ridgely,

    I have read with interest your story of the boy and the old man.
    I have to say, it was delightful. I couldn’t put it down once I started

  2. Hi Ridgely,

    Totally enjoyed your phone seminar. Do not know how else to reach you and I hope you get this. Wish I had some power guys like you helping me with my very exciting new enterprise. Anyway, thanks for the great input. I truly appreciate it.

    Robert Lee Suter

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