Richest Man

My Dear Friends,

Here’s another of the many gifts I’ll be sending you over the next few weeks. Please leave your comment below on this–it’s a great one…Ridgely

Download your first free gift from this link:

“The Richest Man in Babylon”




  2. Thank you, Dear Harrison you are wonderful.

  3. Many thanks!
    Happy New Year 2010!

  4. everyone has a story to tell and boy i can’t wait to tell mine.a hillbilly that everybody gave up on i was a person that was headed down a very bad road until i read the theory of free radicals and i changed my life.its like ridgley when you grow up in bad situation most people cant or wont get out of them situations unless you have alot of support.(in most cases we dont have that support) its like i know i’m meant to be a writer(even though i dont know the first thing about writing)

  5. This is a fantastic book, it should be compulsory reading in all schools. Have an awesome 2010!

  6. Thank you Harrison. I enjoyed the story. I am a teacher who has just been laid off.
    Unfortunately, I am like one of those characters in the story who failed to save and I just lost my job through state budget cuts. So I have no savings and fortunately I have a little from retirement. I spent my money frivolously by giving into my wife and her gambling habit. Once in awhile I fell into it too. I am giving person and it is hard for me to say no. But if I have the opportunity to start again, I will. The story is very inspirational and true. I have known these principles but have failed to implement them. If there is chance for me now, I will.


  7. thank you so very much , dear harrison for sharing this book with me!! have a happy & succesful new year 2010*****

  8. Stanley Weinberg

    Dear Harrison and Ridgely,
    You are the greatest. I want to thank both
    of you for thinking of me, and for wishing
    me well by sharing with me.
    I will read the Richest Man before I touch
    a pillow tonight.
    Wishing you the best.

  9. Johannes Groeneveld

    I could write a book about my life from the day i was 10 years old.
    My life has often been full of problems and it is still not over.
    That is why I’m building my hopes on the masters and I hope soon , I’m desperate.
    Many regards , John

  10. Namaste.

    Loving 2010 and beyond.

    Your Gift is awaited.

    Shall read the Richest Man In Babylon and learn to understand the increasing Value of body, mind, heart and soul enlightenment.


    Dr. Prakash

  11. Dear Harrison,

    Thank you so much for this book. I heard about it and now its here..hmmm…interesting..Also wantes to Thank you for the last gift which was awesome as well. ( IAMStatements ).

    You certainly do not mess around !!!
    : )

    Joe D.

  12. Leila Cares


    very good education !!!!

    Leila Cares

  13. Hi Harrison, Thank you so much for all that you do. I believe I started learning with you about a year-and-a-half ago on your phone-in calls on Saturday mornings. You really opened my eyes to things I knew about but didn’t know how to access.

    I was also starting to study Huna at that time – by e-mail and purchased training CD’s. From complete bankruptcy then, and with both your assistance and that of my Huna master, I have begun my web business in earnest by finding inexpensive expert assistance, I have begun my ‘Exit Plan’ from where I have been financially trapped for 4 years, which should kick in in about 2 months from now, and I have re-connected with a former university colleague, who is a wonderful man that I hadn’t seen for 45 years, and barely knew even then! He lives about 2000 miles away but writes me daily at least twice, and we plan to meet up again in the Spring, when he returns to Canada.

    I am also beginning to receive and save money, both personally and in business, and will be able to take some small vaction trips in the Spring, which I really need.

    One exceedingly important concept that I finally have been able to internalize is ‘GRATITUDE’. I found that as I thanked God and the Universe daily for all that I have, for the people who have been instrumental in my life (e.g. YOU!), all that I am learning each day, and for the opportunity to share with others, this has really lifted my spirits so that happiness and joy are bubbling up from within me, and the things I need and desire are coming to me more and more quickly and escalating in Spiritual value.

    Yes, some really sad things have also occurred, not within my control, but I am able to direct those things which I can control through God/the Universe to me and to others who need it.

    My former university friend has a marvellous sense of humour, which I have always had, and which got buried in all the pain and sorrow I had previously experienced, and he has assisted me in bringing it to the fore again.

    Just today, a childhood friend invited me for coffee and told me that she is just about to gift me money from the sale of her house for being such a good friend to her for the past 60 years – which blew me away! And my University friend has invited me down to his home in the U.S. later this Winter or early Spring.

    Prayers and meditations with thanks for…. (visualizing the desired items, friends, recipients of my donations, teachings, and love) are truly a gift to me – seeing things coming to fruition. Love you, Harrison, Couldn’t have realized all this without your mentoring. Even though we have never met, I ‘know’ you and love you eternally. Devon

  14. Sampurna Sitepu

    Dear Harrison,
    Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to read this book, may God always bless you in sharing knowledge to others.
    Happy New Year,
    Best Regards,

  15. thank you sir!

    This precious gift must stay in circulation. I will pay it forward

  16. Thanks for the great gift.I will definately read it again and again. I had read the book a few years ago. Yes I do agreed the book is great. I agreed with JB that this book should be introduce in school.

  17. Thank You for Sharing!
    What a wonderful way to review the past and set intentions for the New year!
    Best Regards, Carol

  18. Thank you for sharing with me.May God continue to bless you and I

  19. C. V. Krishna Rao

    Best wishes for a happy new year. Thanks very much.

  20. Noliyanda

    Dear Harrison,

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information among the people of the world. Your spirit agrees in making the earth a better place to live as it was predestined by God for all of us. May the Lord bless you. Thank you once again for letting this to South Africa, its a must share.


  21. Dear Harrison,
    Thank you for your sharing of a news of the richest man, this is just a helper matter for ceasing my boredom sitting alone in office on holiday. Since I have known all of you through advertising mails, I feel that It seems making me living in ASA as you all do. If it were true I would be very happy, but in fact, I am living in Cambodia of Asia, where the majority of us have in need of good luck.
    My interests in making better livelihood is to be a marketing analyst/ specialist, but so far it wasn’t met as desired. Now I am a medical assistant that the Present Government not recognized, because I was used to living in Refugee Camp near Cambodian-thai border and graduated this course there before repatriation in 1992. This Government still discriminates its own people because of different idealogical involvements within political parties. My present government originated from Communist Party.
    Now I would like to develop a small sustainable NGO called “Child Sponsored Program” objectively to support all forms of orphans to be strong community representation or generations. Now I am drafting a fundraising proposal. If You know any possible Donors for this program could you please mail me of those so that I could cantact with them?

    Kind Regards

    Ly Chhean

  22. Thank-you for sharing. I remember having this soft cover book years ago. It’s awesome to be reminded of it again.



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