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It is my firm belief that few influences in life have the ability to make as dramatic an impact as that of a mentor.

Ridgely Goldsborough

  • Mentors act as trusted friends.
  • Mentors hold us accountable.
  • Mentors inspire us.
  • Mentors make us want to be better.
  • Mentors challenge us to succeed.
  • Mentors show us the way.
  • Mentors act as examples of what is possible.

As you begin this journey with The Great Ones Online, be confident that you have now adopted a whole bunch of incredible mentors. I have already done so and assure you that these are the best of the best.

To gain the most out of this journey, here are four tips:

  1. Read the materials and do the exercises.
  2. I urge you to watch the videos again and again. You will gain new insights each time that you do. Not only that, the success concepts that are inviolable will be etched into your mind.
  3. Share what you learn with a trusted friend—as long as it is on your computer, you can even let them watch the videos with you (although sending them the link or code would be a violation of your own integrity and I recommend against that completely—as would any of The Great Ones.)
  4. Share what you learn or your interpretation on our blog, which indeed is YOUR blog. In so doing, it will force you to truly think about what you have seen and thus reinforce it for you.

I have personally watched each and every one of these volumes again and again. I gain something amazing or a needed reminder every single time. I sincerely hope that you will benefit as much as I have and I look forward to our journey together.



ridgely goldsborough The Great Ones

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  1. Janice Pullen

    The Great Ones–booklet was so intriguing! I am ready to position myself to one day be “A Great One” in my own way (smile).

    Volume 1–I have been blessed to do many things in an excellent fashion. In my pursuit of that excellence I can see how I had shut many things and people out of my life…some good and some bad.

    I’ve been around the world. At 18, I pursued a military career. I did it–highly-decorated! I am currently unemployed. I live with my sister.

    My current station in life doesn’t serve me well. I moved back home in pursuit of a job that disappeared after I arrived three years ago. Also, to reclaim closer bonds with my parents and younger siblings. I have come to find–most envy others’ material things. They are hard workers. However, they don’t spend wisely. They are friendly; yet reclusive. Many are takers; not cheerful givers. This confuses me.

    In my travels and through wise mentorship I’ve come to realize how working smarter not harder and giving back are better life pusuits.

    In spite of my unemployed status, I am continually educating myself through “The Great Ones”, “Get Paid University”, “Get Motivated Seminars”, and James Smith Seminars. I believe, the Lord will open doors. However, I must prepare myself to be ready to walk through those doors. Also, I dedicate two weeks each summer as a volunteer chaperone for local aspiring aviation students; occassionally sort and re-package medical supplies for “Supplies OverSeas” a Disaster Relief organization; and Habitat for Humanity volunteer to name a few things.

    My next pursuit starts tomorrow; I’ve always wanted to learn quilting. I’ve been invited to an “Art Show” by an artist who has been creating for 60+ years–A “Great One” (smile).

    My declaration towards a pursuit of excellence–purchase modest home to connect with people without having to ask others’ permission to do it.

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