Did you ever read the words "…this is a true story…" and wonder just how "true" it really was? I know I have and since making statements is all too easy, yet pictures say a thousand words, I thought I’d show you a few photos from where The Great Ones story takes place—along with a couple of juicy insights!!! Enjoy!!!


Here’s the mayor’s office, the Ayuntamiento. The square in front is where we played marbles.

Cross on the Hill

Here’s the famous cross on the hill, where the Boy sits with the fresh picked asparagus—remember?

The Church

Here’s the church where the priests gave out mint candies after mass (the "menta" from the story?)

the Monastery

Here’s the monastery that my mother sent me to where I was raised by the monks (the door you can see is the one where the priest would come out and ring the bell—giving the Boy 60 seconds to make it back into school or face a beating):

Massive Building

Here’s a broader shot of the whole, massive building—pretty amazing to think that I went to school in that monstrosity.

The Rocks

And finally—here are the rocks where the Boy sought refuge and the situs of the story’s final climax.

More later… Please leave a comment…. Ridgely


  1. Ridgley, thank you for sharing.

    There’s a quote that fits you perfectly and I believe this is the reason why Nik – who also fits this quote – connected with you.
    “Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it. —Robertson Davies
    Can’t wait until I can read the entire book.

  2. Kerry Dillon

    Thank you Ridgely for giving us an insight into your life. Quite often Mentors will only talk of material things that have made their lives what they are but I can relate to your story on so many levels. I do believe that happiness is a matter of choice and that deep down in our souls we are all ‘extraordinary’. It might take me till I am 100 to be the grown up person I am meant to be, but I intend to be skidding into my box sideways when the time comes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Carolyn Oman

    I wish I had been abused physically because the verbal criticism and the dogmatic religious shame and guilt still makes me cringe. I was so reactive and defensive and out of control for years and just unconscious to all but later in life am becoming so much more aware and loving and understanding of all. Most of all I am learning to love ME!! It’s been a fight but I am surrendering and winning at the same time. Love to you, another person that made it through the rain.

  4. I have only heard your reading but I know that hatred of a parent throughout childhood and into adulthood can turn to love, once one has an opportunity to give when a parent needs help through cancer and into immortality.

  5. I’m confused. You seem to be describing the movie “Field of Dreams,” but Chapter 1 takes place in 1969. That was years before the movie was released. I might attribute this to anachronism, but how can you use that literary device in a true story?

    By the way, I love your writing style and the emotions you evoke. I’m just having trouble with what I see as an inconsistency.

  6. Edsel D Clemons

    I must have missed something. How do we get the book?

  7. looks pretty real to me, but it didn’t allow me to read those free chapters:(

    is there a chance to do it?

    much appreciated,


  8. Totally awesome Ridgely !! … with a view of where ‘Your Story’ evolved. Thanks for the pre-warning that is was not a story that the weak of heart / those sheltered from abuse [sexual / mental / physical / Spiritual], that still exist +++++++ Globally.

    I have been totally absorbed, with office work and only had a chance to view the video. You brought so much healing to my life, when you could no longer continue to read / as getting into personal / emotional stuff. As a Public Speaker, I have learned to speak without a white board / pictures / presentation aids. I tell my story in a third person mode, as though I am presenting some other persons life.

    Your reading of your book, is the exact reason I hired 2 Coaches / 1 Marketing Mentor, so they can help me qualify / direct me to my ghost writer, through their established network.

    Pulling / tugging / working many ‘JOBS’ and long hours at establishing my business:,,,,:- Cherub H&M Enterprise Inc., has been a 15 year process … and now becoming a joy filled passion reached mission. Soon [Mid September / early October], the computer takes over with staff / management in place. Then we send out URL / Web information to my network [you included + of course], with the release of my products / CD’s, launching in the new year.

    Could be blogging some of the same thoughts, as I did in David’s blog – but some dreams are worth repeating over & over again. I helps in keeping us on track in obtaining / reaching our destination … and future goals / passion in life.

    Looking forward to the day our paths cross … where ever / whatever event we may be at. That beach you filmed the video at, would be a perfect place. Loved it when the gull flew over head [crying out, in flight] at such a tender moment, when you were conversing with the fisher / Elder man. It was though our Creator spoke through that bird, to speak to your heart / healing you and washing my of your painful memories away. I have the same reaction, when rehashing the past, and trying to write it with no feelings of revenge of sounding like I detest those who hurt me. I did my fair share of fighting back / spent my teen years in rebellion, towards loving, caring, Godly parents. Been through decades of being hospitalized, in Therapy [mental / physical / spiritual] and by golly ! feeling like I’m near reaching my teen years again, only this time I’m much wiser and experienced in the ways of the enemy – spirit / embodied in human form.

    With little interventions / God winks as many like to refer them as being, the gull did not fly over with the others, but fly direct towards the camera crew, and over your head Ridgely. This is how I’ve experienced our Heavenly Father / Parent / Brother / Creator of creation, speak to me, when my mind was cluttered and racing with all the garbage [words / pictures / images of violence and sex from witnessing in real time / through media, and it caused me a great deal of wasted years in dealing with it, while working in the vineyards / harvest fields of our Creator of the Universe / distant Galaxies.

    Looking forward to reading the first 4 chapters of your e-book, after downloading your offer ~ via: David Wood’s site. I know I will want the book, as I detest only reading part of a great novel / seeing bits & pieces of a movie. Still haven’t seen ‘Gone with the Wind’ through, as too busy preparing meals / running after the kids. Just wasn’t in a financial place to have a recorder. Excuse now ~ Too much new / updated material to keep up with, while working on my own material.

    Yup ! that beach, with a number of others with us, walking the shore at sunset … Fantastic ! Just another dream I’m tossing out there, while letting it simmer on the back burner, with all the dishes I have cooking / stewing.

    See you up the road, away … Founder of Trailblazer Team

  9. Whenever I see old historical spots like this the first thoughts that come are of awe, that it was built so long ago and stood the test of time. Humans usually look at sights like this almost reverently because of their age. But for me, I see the feelings of the tragedies and sometimes peaceful joys that have been carried out in these places. Emotions leave their mark upon the stone.

    The bringing of Light to these places and Releasing the pain that was left behind is part of what will help heal this planet. As we heal ourselves, we heal the earth. That is how mankind will stand the test of time. The earth and nature itself tells us how to do this by it’s seasons and re-growth.

    You are an awesome dude, Ridgely. Many Blessings upon you.

  10. I don’t have any reason to question your veracity, and really the photographs can’t really prove or disprove the authenticity of the story contained within the book.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to read, The Great Ones, but I will say this; your word is good with me.

    Peace, Love and Joy to you always, and in all ways…

  11. Midori Thomas

    I enjoyed your Columbus Day presentation. After taking a beating at my job and being rewarded by criticism for the extra hard work, a decision to invest in myself sounds like a pretty good idea. I am familiar with tenacity, perseverance, sacrifice, hard work… So zeroing in the the right idea and redirecting the energy makes sense. I’m looking forward to reading The Great Ones. The time has come. Thank you.

  12. when i hear your voice to from japan through the call today i went to mirror and said to my self i am becoming a speaker like this wonderful man.you know how to change people motion from bad to good like jim roh jay abraham .mostly your topic on pay your self first that wonderful topic thanks you

  13. Angelique McInnes

    In is all in a picture. Thank you.

  14. I absolutely loved the book and couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much
    for sharing the pictures and I hope to go there in the future. It brings
    so much more meaning to those area’s for me. I was in Barcelona and Valencia as a teenager and was trying to imagine how it looked. Thanks for all that you are and all that you do.

  15. Just finished reading The Great Ones. You are a master at story telling and I for one will be better for hearing it. Barbara

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