The Book

“With storytelling skills reminiscent of Richard Bach, C.S. Lewis and Ernest Hemingway, Goldsborough’s beautiful fable un-conceals one of the Universe’s most valuable lessons—the power of taking one’s life in their own hands.  Couldn’t put it down.” 

Russ DeVan, CEO, Success by Design, Inc. ………

The Great Ones is a delightful and enlightening fable that reveals the importance of mentors and the pivotal difference a great mentor can have on one’s life. For young entrepreneurs and business leaders, it imparts valuable lessons on the fundamentals of success, both professionally and personally.

In it, a wise old man shares his hard-earned pearls of wisdom with a boy about to sprout wings and fly into the world on his own. Through a series of poignant and sometimes painful lessons, the boy learns to navigate life’s minefields, develop sound judgment, apply the law of accumulation, understand the value of giving his all, assess risk and reward, and—ultimately—win at the game of life. In the end, he unlocks the inner secrets that will eventually transform him into a Great One himself.

Life—and business—fraught with endless ups and downs, call out for the wisdom of a dedicated mentor and friend to help navigate them successfully. If you don’t yet have a Great One of your own or don’t know where to start your search, The Great Ones provides deep insight on life’s most important lessons.

The Great Ones exemplifies, in a glorious way, the rags-to-riches tale – of the spiritual range – of a young boy who transforms his life by the touch of a mentor. We should all be so blessed as to have such a person in our lives…or to become one.”

Lucia De Garcia, President, Elan International

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